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1) Our pre-plate facilities include
     the following:
  • Vapor Degreasing 
  • Periodic reverse alkaline descaling
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Alkaline or acid cleaning, soak or electrolytic
2) Electroplating Processes that we
     can provide:
  • Zinc, rack or barrel, can handle parts to 72" long
  • Cadmium, rack or barrel, parts to 72" long
  • Copper, rack, bright or dull, barrel, dull only
  • Nickel, rack or barrel, dull or bright 
  • Chromium, rack only, commercial
  • Tin, rack or barrel, bright or matte, (satin)
  • Plating on stainless steels, exotic metals
3) Post plate, or non-electrolytic
     procedures we offer:
  • Phosphate, zinc or manganese, small lots
  • Chromates, clear, bright blue, yellow, black, and olive drab.
  • Dyes, red, blue, green, black, violet, applied to chromates, to be used for part identification
  • Heat treat, hydrogen embrittlement relief, as well as stress-relief annealing of copper and brass
  • Bright dipping or chromating of copper or brass
  • Caustic etching of aluminum alloys
  • Passivation of stainless steels
  • Chem film finishing of aluminum
4) Quality control and support facilities
     that we possess:
  •  A complete analytical testing laboratory, used for controlling process solutions used in production
  • A waste treatment system, for maintaining compliance with the local publicly owned treatment works
  • All quality-related test equipment is periodically recalibrated, tested for accuracy, against standards traceable to the National Bureau of Standards with records maintained on all repairs, calibrations, and certifications.
  • An extremely well-qualified, dedicated staff of metal finishing professionals, who take pride in their work, and have made a commitment to excellence
  • Extensive library of specifications and standards, including military, Department of Defense, as well as ASTM Specifications, to insure that we can comply with these specifications, as well as provide certification of compliance.

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