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Once we have the identity established of the party wishing a quotation, we have to follow the following procedure:

1. Do you have a legible drawing that contains the following?

  • Discrete or unique part number.
  • Part name, description of part.
  • Base materials, i.e., steel, aluminum, copper, brass (In the event of an alloy, please identify alloy type or number).
  • Material thickness, type, i.e., sheet, rod, wire, forging, casting, extrusion, etc.
  • Part dimensions.
  • Finish type, metal, performance requirements.
  • Specification compliance requirements.
  • Unit of measure desired on quote, (i.e., piece, hundreds, thousands, pounds, etc.).
  • Quantities per order, orders/year anticipated.

If no drawing provide information as indicated above.

In order to provide an appropriate quotation, we need the following:

1. Proper identification of your company as follows:

  • Existing/current customer as previously established. 
  • New/prospective customer.

2. Complete name to include business type (i.e., Inc., LLC, Corp,
    partnership, company).
3. Physical address (where located).
4. Mailing address.
5. City, State, Zip.
6. Phone #.
7. Fax #.
8. Contact person & title.
9. Wish to open an account.
10. Credit References

Fax request to (847)-678-6273

Castle Metal Finishing Corp.
4631 North 25th Avenue, Schiller Park, IL 60176
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